Daily BLOG:

Check it out! ---http://www.greenvillegazette.com/r/video-they-started-arguing-in-the-living-room-how-their-bird-reacts-lol-108554/?#_=_

Just to be clear...this is not Greg. Greg does not have a website. You have the wrong guy. You are mistaken.

Gerg songs: 

Don't go breaking my Gerg

Hang on Gergie, Gergie hang on

Just Gerg it

Strawberry Gergs forever

​Nothing compares to Gerg

If I could turn back Gerg

If I keep Gerg in a bottle

The Gerg and all things OA:  a documentary


Any relationships implied herein are purely fictional.

We do not even know what "The Gerg" is. It is a zeitgeist.